About PowerTerm WebConnect Java Client

PowerTerm WebConnect Java Client consists of a thin client and server. The thin client provides the terminal emulation window while the server supplies the connectivity to the host.

Besides a physical connection between one's computer and the host, emulation software is required. The user must define certain critical parameters (i.e. host name, session type, and terminal type) in the Connect dialog that will instruct the client how to emulate the host.

Many large organizations have access to multiple hosts and not all users are authorized to access all the host systems. The system administrator determines which users are privileged to access which host connections. Consequently, the user will be able to connect:

         Only to pre-defined connections.

         As a "free user" to any connection.

         Both as a "free user" to any connection and to pre-defined connections.


The administrator can also configure your Java Client window to display all or only some of the available options.

Tip: Drag the cursor over the toolbar to read the tool tips.


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